Baltimore MD

Baltimore Certified Public Accountants

As experienced, Baltimore based CPAs, our firm offers a variety of accounting services to local businesses based in the Baltimore area.

CPA Services Offered

We offer services such as bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, tax planning & preparation services, payroll services and general financial accounting services.

Why Your Small Business Should Hire an Accountant?

Your company should hire a competent Baltimore accountant to ensure that your financial records are correctly processed and are in compliance according to local, state and federal regulations. You should also hire an accountant to ensure your financial records are appropriately evaluated. This allows accountants to better determine how you can save on taxes and reduce costly mistakes that are associated with day-to-day accounting errors. Hiring a local accountant will also help you to free up your time so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Whether your business offers products or services to end-users, or to other local Baltimore based companies. One of our accountants can ensure that you receive exceptional service from our well-established accounting firm.

Working with a local accounting firm can add value to your business. Because every company is unique, customized accounting services can be tailor-made to address your individual business needs.

As knowledgeable CPAs, our firm is familiar with the city, county and state level accounting and tax laws, in addition to regulations required by the federal government.

Our firm has been helping Baltimore based businesses with their accounting needs for over 30 years. We offer accounting services for service-based and retail companies – both brick and mortar and ecommerce businesses.

Additionally, our company offers personal support to small and midsize businesses in the area, whereby clients can experience an immediate benefit to their business.

Your Baltimore Accounting Teams

We have an experienced team of accountants and managers that assist customers with their unique accounting and tax needs. For example, if you have specific questions related to general accounting, payroll, or tax services, you will be able to speak with the dedicated accountant or CPA that specializes in that area.

Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Services: If you have tax questions about your business, including sales tax, property taxes or income taxes, please contact one of our CPAs or tax preparers that specialize in tax preparation and tax strategies.

We also assist businesses who currently have IRS tax problems and are in need of representation. Our tax accountants are familiar with the IRS tax codes and can develop tax strategies that help rectify tax issues.

We are also familiar with a variety of tax credits and tax exemptions offered by the state of Maryland in addition to local city tax benefits as well.

Payroll and Payroll Tax Services: If your business hires employees, you will be required to complete and issue W-2 forms for each employee. You will then be required to withhold and pay payroll taxes on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Our team of payroll specialist can assist with this area. Even if you work with independent contractors, you are still required by the IRS to issue a W9 form and issue 1099s at the end of this tax year for tax reporting purposes. Our payroll service also includes this service as well.

If your company is in need of payroll services, please contact us to connect with a specialist.

General Accounting Services: Before payroll, tax or auditing services can be rendered, processes and financial procedures must be put in place. This allows accountants to capture client’s day-to-day financial activities on an ongoing basis. In doing so, our accountants can help clients track sales, accounts receivables and other activities to manage their cash flow better. This helps business owners make critical business decisions that affect their bottom line. Please contact our accounting team for assistance in this area.

Not only does our firm enjoy working with local clients, but we also serve the city and counties of Baltimore. Please contact our team for more information about how we can provide accounting services to help your business grow.